About Us


Who We Are


In a nutshell...we are a solutions provider. While we are consultants, who we are goes beyond just providing a service. We take a holistic approach to your organization to determine what the root problem is, not just what is lying on the surface.


Once we get to the heart of the matter, we can start customizing solutions to solve the underlying issue which has a bubble up effect of rectifying surface issues.

What We Do


Trying to fit all that we do into a neat little box would simply not be possible...because what we do is more far reaching and complex than a pre-fixe package of options, or a menu of services. While we do provide some standard services, our company's reputation has been built on those creative, customizable solutions that we have developed for our clients over the years.


So what do we do? We do what you need us to do in order to make your people organization stronger, compliant, and more efficient.

Why You Need Us


Maybe you just received an audit notice in the mail and don't know where to begin. Or, you are being charged with an EEOC violation and aren't familiar with how to prepare a response. Or, you're looking to overhaul all of your Human Resource policies and procedures and just don't have the manpower to make it happen.


Whatever the reason, you need us because we have the manpower, expertise, and solutions necessary to get the job done right...the first time!

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