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At Salient Organizational Solutions, we believe our experience is only as strong as the solutions we provide. We offer expertise and guidance in many traditional areas of Human Resources and Organizational Strategy, Development and Support but we believe in customized approaches to drive solutions. Below, you will find just a sampling of some of the services we provide.
Strategy & Organization


How do you know where you are going if you don't know how to get there? Having a defined vision is just a part of a company's overall outlook; you must also develop a comprehensive strategy to go with it.


Additionally, do you know where your vulnerabilities lie? The holes in your HR policies and practices that can mean costly consequences? That is where a comprehensive HR compliance audit comes in.


Salient can assist your organization on setting an effective strategy for success and also mitigate costly risks.

Training & Development


Has your staff been adequately trained to handle diverse issues effectively? Are your leaders equipped with the tools, knowledge, and resources to effectively lead their team and the organization to success? SOS provides integrated learning and development programs that will challenge employees at every level of your organizational structure.


Our training programs and products are delivered in live classroom settings, via web-based delivery platforms, in self-paced study programs, or in blended formats to best meet the needs and desires of our clients.

Talent Acquisition


Your company is only as good as it's greatest assets...it's people. The people are only effective if they are seated on the bus, in the right seats. SOS delivers innovative recruitment strategies and processes to quickly and effectively deliver qualified, ready, and available employees to empower better business results.


From standard Interview Guides and Pre-Employment Assessments to Employee Onboarding and Orientaion programs, SOS can develope a solution to meet your unique needs.

Performance Mgmt


Do your human assets differentiate you from your competitors? Are you getting the greatest return on your greatest workforce investment? Performance Management goes beyond simply creating a performance assessment tool. SOS can help you determine the effectiveness of your performance assessment tools, develop competencies for all positions, and conduct job analysis and job evaluations that will eventually lead to the development of strategically aligned job description that can be more accurately measured in the performance assessment process.


Beyond that, SOS can work with your organizational leaders to set succession and replacement planning strategies in place, identify key performers and design a program to develop employees for future leadership roles within the organization.

Process Improvement


Are your policies and procedures equitable and consistent? Do employees know and understand workplace expectations or is standard practice inconsistent with written policy? Policies, rules and procedures are fundamental requirements of a sound human resource program. When communication between management and the employee is direct and easy to comprehend, misunderstanding and unrest are less likely to occur.


SOS can assist with the development of policies, procedures and work rules as well as create standard employee handbooks to provide guidance to employees in most workplace scenarios.


We can also take what we learned from our HR Compliance Audit and recommend and implement process improvements to better align the HR function with the organizational strategy and to ensure more effectiveness in each functional area of the department.

Total Rewards


Have you developed a Compensation strategy? Are you looking to lead, lag, or keep pace with the market? Do you know what market data to look for, what it all means, and how to implement it? SOS can assist with all levels of total rewards programs, which include compensation, benefits. perquisites, discretionary compensation and incentives.


Our services include all levels of comprehensive review, refinement, and/or development of compensation and benefit programs, ensuring strategic alignment with each unique client.


We provide professionally designed compensation and incentive programs that help attract, motivate and retain your workforce.


Whether you need a complete analysis of your existing compensation system, are starting your compensation program from the ground up, or just need a pay scale developed for a few new positions, SOS’s experienced professionals can successfully meet the demands of your project!

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